Normally, I stick to only photography related posts; however, this is another special milestone for me and A+ Photos. Hitting 200 followers has made me realize there is a fairly largeĀ audience who enjoy my work, so I will continue with putting my efforts into this blog. I would like to thank anyone and everyone who has ever “liked” or “commented” on a post and I give another massive thank you to my followers. The more people who improve their photography skills the better! Again, an enormous thank you to the audience for your support! šŸ™‚


Visitors from 10 countries!

Today I had people visit my site from 10 different countries! The highest before was four countries in one day. I consider this an achievement, because by reaching out beyond my county’s boarders and language barrier is a demonstration that the internet and photography are not limited by boundaries and are not influenced by language barriers. In the end photography is truly a language in which one photo is really worth a thousand words in every language!