Major Macro

Macro photography, also known as close-up photography, is an easy way to create amazing photos of subjects both large and small. Most cameras have a setting for macro photography built in, with the symbol usually looking like the symbol below.

For those wishing to abandon the, sometimes annoying decision making software in a camera, one could always go manual.


When choosing to go manual for taking macro photos one should begin by setting the aperture to its lowest f/stop. For example, in this photo I set the camera’s aperture to f/6.3. This will give the background a nice blur. The blurred background ensures that only the subject will be visible and in focus. Arguably, the most important element in marco photography is the aperture.Flower 1

The image above was taken at an aperture of f/4.5. Notice the background is blurred throughout leaving only the flower in focus.

The image below was taken at an aperture of f/40. Notice the background is, for the most part, in focus.

IMG_0405_1135While, one image is taken at a low f/stop and the other at a high f/stop, the subject is the same. Yet, we end up with very different photos and different stories. Of course, one may take a photo in whichever way they feel like. I prefer a blurred background for most of my macro photos, but everyone is different and free to tell their story, their way.

Whether, one chooses to use a preset or go manual, a final tip for taking macro photos is to always be at your subjects height. Being at the same height as one’s subject gives a different perspective that is often seen in photos. This is especially important when taking macro photos of wildlife, for if the subject is an animal, it will feel more comfortable when one is at its height. Disclaimer: Do not try this with a bear. Instead try a squirrel. I assure you, they are much more fun.If you enjoyed this post please like or comment.


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