The Attraction of Abstraction

Although it has existed as its own genre for many years, abstract photography is still one of the most difficult art forms to define. So, what really is abstract photography? Since it has no true definition abstract photography can be defined by the following characteristics:

  • Does not represent the subject in a literal way.
  • Communicates primarily through lighting ,form, color, and curves rather than image detail.
  • Many are close-ups or Macro-photos of larger subjects.

I will next display and describe some of my own abstract photos.

StairsSo, if you have not tried to guess what the photo is of take a moment to interpret it.

Notice the photo is very linear and features the contrast of dark colors on lighter colors. The photo also uses lighting to its advantage. The unusual patterns and textures bend light around its grooves and angles.

This photo was taken at the bottom of a staircase at the California Institute of Technology campus. Now that we know what it is one may be disappointed if their interpretation was incorrect, but that is the beauty of abstract photography. Ones own interpretation of a piece of abstract photography is always correct, because the next person will likely interpret the photo in a very different way than you.

Green leafIn this photo we also have a linear form with the subject being a green triangle. The green of the subject has a gentle contrast with the lighter greens and yellows in the background.

This is a Macro-photo of an agave leaf. The agave plant was located at the Mission Santa Barbra, California.LightsThis photo uses light to communicate. With different lengths and colors of light, the origin appears to be the center.

This is a photo of a tree with Christmas lights in the city of Solvang, California. Or if you were just up to some illegal activities this is reality. Remember, don’t do drugs kids. More on this photo and similar ones in a separate post.

One must remember that while these photos may seem complex, all it really takes is a little observation, creativity, and a camera.

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