A is for Action

Action shots can be some of the most difficult and amazing photos a photographer will take in their career. Action photography can be done in many ways; however, today we will discuss action photography on the border of stopping motion and blurring motion.

An action photo on the border of stopping motion and blurring motion may sound confusing. One may ask, ” Well am I stopping motion or not?” The answer, in this case, is motion is slowed to the point that only certain parts of the photo appear to have slowed motion while the rest of the photo is frozen in time.

Swimer new

In the photo above the swimmer is clearly frozen in time and free of blur; while, the water in the air is partially slowed and not 100% free of blur. This effect was achieved at a shutter speed of 1/500s and an aperture of f/16. While scenarios in real life will almost certainly be different when attempting to achieve this effect, in terms of lighting and other environmental factors, the key component to slowing motion is shutter speed. The shutter speed one should aim for to capture this effect is between 1/400s and 1/600s.

As stated before action photography is not simple and will come with practice. Both time and effort must be given in order to capture great action shots; however, most will find action photography to be very rewarding and worth the effort.

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